Welcome to Nirmal Ananda
India Is Calling
Return to Nature, Save villages
Identify yourself, Refuse urban abscesses, Fight against : terrorism, suppression, stress, trauma, drug-sex abuse, sedentary life style as your enemy, Honor the simplicity, Accept ‘love-share-serve’ as your destination.
Fight Cancer Bravely
Cancer is a life style disease.
Our energy is consumed by never ending desires. Our diet now consists of high calorie, low fiber and depends on processed and denatured animal proteins. Overweight, absence of exercises and balanced nutrition, these all are responsible for spread of cancer.
Nirmal Ananada .. Humanity, its well being and exploration
Welcome to Nirmal Ananda
Formed by Mihir Chatterjee. It is a purification process. It’s awareness and services are simple, powerful, proven science using natural laws that help physical, emotional, psychological, financial, spiritual needs of one and all, not based on religion.